Palermo Connection poster


Palermo Connection

6 x 100 minutes

Angelo Caronia is thirty years old, far too good-looking, and one of the best cops in Rome. His life changes radically when his Chief decides to transfer him for a little while to run a small police station on the outskirts of Palermo, the city of his birth, from where he escaped in his teens to avoid becoming a criminal. Going back to his old haunts is tough. His first encounter with the men of his station isn’t a good one. He immediately butts heads with his new squad, men he feels are lazy, unmotivated and riddled with all the defects he associates with Sicilians. The only exception is young inspector Daniela Gemma, for whom he feels an immediate complex and tormented attraction.

With the passing of time and a series of murders, the relationship between Angelo and his men improves greatly. Day after day, Angelo learns to love his birthplace, and to appreciate the character, the openness and generosity of his colleagues, who in turn are conquered by the ingenuity and sheer brilliance of their chief who, after so many years, has restored their pride in being cops. Angelo and his men, united at last, will put an end to the string of murders terrifying the city that, in the end, will turn out to be linked to the chief’s past.

Stories of imagination tend to upset those
without one.

Terry Pratchett