Una Mamma Imperfetta poster


Una Mamma Imperfetta

50 x 8 minutes

Una Mamma Imperfetta (An Imperfect Mom) uses the form of a video diary to focus on the life of a modern working mother coping with the demands of her home, husband, and children.

Day by day, Chiara tells us about her life, her week, and her world. Narrated in first person, the series is a comedy on the women of today and on the numerous compromises entailed by love for a family.

The diary, proceeding from Monday through Friday, follows the protagonist’s and her family’s weekly commitments with a series of set appointments.

In 8 minutes, through her diary, and addressing the viewer directly, with a touch of humor and irony, Chiara talks about how her day has gone, asking questions that we all realte to… How can we be both a good mother and a working woman at the same time? Do your children’s demands come first, even when they ask you to bake a loaf of nut bread like it seems all their classmates’ mothers do… those dreaded perfect moms?

Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger.

Ben Okri