44 x 1 hour

Wonderland is set in a desirable location in Coogee - a beautiful, pristine surf beach in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. This location is not only contemporary in its cool, young demographic, but it is intended to add to the viewers’ pleasure – offering a sun-filled, blue-skied, optimistic perspective on life and love... But while the location is specific to Australia, the stories and themes are very much universal.

Romantic, escapist and fun, Wonderland is designed and devised to be appointment television for a broad demographic. The audience will fall in love with the characters, who either hold up a mirror on their own lives, or the lives they’d wish to live. They will be hooked by the returning elements of the series – including the weekly theme, the FAT night conversations, and the compelling “URST” – which will be delivered in a clever, enjoyable way that always leaves the audience hungry for the next episode.

This series will combine heart-felt, dramatic story arcs for its characters with a lively comedic sensibility. Each week, stories will be built around a strong unifying theme, which will encourage a line of fun debate on contemporary “hot button” topics – mining rich, relevant and instantly recognisable material from our everyday social and domestic worlds. Whether it’s about Reality TV, Gay Marriage, Parking, or Personal Space Violation, our characters’ feelings and situations will be instantly recognisable as we explore the humour and the humanity of our modern world.


Tom Wilcox lives in Flat 6 of the Wonderland building, located on a busy residential street, close to an iconic surf beach. Tom is an endearing, attractive bachelor who can’t find the girl he wants to marry.

When Tom’s habit of sleeping with his flatmates culminates in a disastrous public proposal at his best mate’s wedding, his friends hold an intervention in which Tom agrees not to sleep with another flatmate for the next 12 months or his cool vintage car will belong to his best mate, Steve. It’s a deal! What Tom doesn’t know yet is: the next flatmate he gets (the groom’s sister and best ‘man’, Miranda) is truly the best ‘woman’ for him.

Hopelessly late for her brother’s wedding – having acrimoniously split from her fiancé on travels down from the northern state of Queensland – Miranda is vibrant, talented passionate, flighty. She wants to settle in the city – in a vibrant beachside suburb – build her career and put the search for ‘Mr Right’ on the back-burner for a while... all of which is enthralling for Tom. So when he learns Steve has offered Miranda his old room to stay in, Tom is in a tight spot. Miranda is the one woman he could commit to forever and he’s just staked his car on not sleeping with another flatmate. Besides, is he really in love, or are his friends and family right: is this just an unhealthy pattern he has to give up?


Quintessential corporate Steve and chic Greek princess Dani are starting their married life in Flat 5. They’re the “Mad About You” newlyweds who must learn about each other in the funny, frustrating, charming domestic sphere, where molehills can become mountains in the early years of married life... though the trials and tribulations are somewhat off-set by the wonderful beachside lifestyle they enjoy.

They have their differences: Steve likes to surf, Dani likes to shop; Steve is a self-made man with a serious attitude towards money, Dani is a vivacious spendthrift; Steve likes eating at home, Dani enjoys sampling the hottest new restaurants; Steve wants at least five kids, Dani’s not completely sold on one... The issues they tackle are as much about the minutiae of daily life, the surprising things they didn’t know about the other, as they are about larger problems – like her maxed-out credit cards vs his tight budget regime.

Nevertheless, as they negotiate this sometimes tricky terrain – and have the occasional tiff – the one thing that remains solid is their deep love for one another.


Colette and Rob live in Flat 4, which Rob has rented for the past five years. Where Colette is European and sophisticated, Rob is a simple straight forward electrician. She first moved into the building as one of Tom’s flatmates and duly fell for him and for the pleasures of the Sydney lifestyle... but she woke up from the holiday romance ‘haze’ when her visa was running out and Tom showed no sign of taking things further. Enter Rob, the good, solid, dependable Aussie bloke from Flat 4, who dried her tears, wooed her and made her feel like she was someone’s dream come true.

Rob first noticed Colette (and fell in love at a distance) in the stairwell of the Wonderland building – and he couldn’t believe his luck when he became her comforter during the break-up with Tom... One thing led to another, they fell in love and Rob married her quickly so he didn’t lose her to visa restrictions – but that was four years ago and their marriage has lost its sparkle. After Colette confesses to an affair (Ep 2), they’re in a real rough patch but fighting for their marriage – determined to hang on to their life in Flat 4 and the friends they value.


Grace is best friends with Dani (whose now-estranged mum was best friends with Grace’s mum). An uptight 30-something lawyer, Grace has a life-plan and a pragmatic approach to love – but that all went out the window when she fell in lust with Carlos at the wedding...and found herself doing things with a hot younger man she never imagined doing. In Ep 1, she lives and works 200km away in Australia’s capital city of Canberra, but the pleasures of beach life are calling – and one pleasure in particular.

Carlos is a South American hunk who came to Australia to study engineering. Along with many of his countrymen, who flock to enjoy the good life on Sydney’s Eastern beaches, Carlos wants to better his prospects in Brazil... and have a good time doing it. Until recently, Carlos was renting Flat 5 from Steve – but now he’s moved out and set up down the road from Wonderland.

Will Carlos and Grace negotiate the sexy, fiery path of new love or will it burn out as quickly as it began?


A one-hour prime-time relationship dramedy. Taking the obsessional minutiae of Seinfeld, the sharp domestic observations of Mad About You and the dynamics of apartment relationship drama a la Melrose Place and mixing it with a comedic central theme for a fresh experience. There is something for everyone in this series – something we relate to and recognise in ourselves and each other.

The seaman tells stories of winds, the ploughman of bulls; the soldier details his wounds, the shepherd his sheep.

Laurence J. Peter